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  • n. A small, light hammer used for driving tacks, having usually a claw on the opposite end of the head or on the handle for drawing the tacks.


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  • On Cool Tools, Zarko Vujovic talks about Ikea's adjunct to a tack-hammer, a free gizmo that does the trick:

    Boing Boing

  • In his emotion he dropped the tack-hammer within an ace of my head.

    Twelve Stories and a Dream, by H. G. Wells

  • Then I remembered the tack-hammer rattle out of the crankcase that meant a burnt bearing and maybe a flattened crankshaft.

    The Lost Get-Back Boogie

  • "Here's the tack-hammer, Hippy, and don't fall off the ladder, please," cautioned Grace, as she assisted Hippy Wingate to tack up an evergreen garland in Mrs. Gray's drawing room.

    Grace Harlowe's Plebe Year at High School The Merry Doings of the Oakdale Freshmen Girls

  • He made imitations of tremendous muscular power with a tack-hammer that happened in his way for a sledge.

    Stories by American Authors, Volume 1

  • It would be too little to say that his bearing was confident: he comported himself with the care-free jauntiness of an infant about to demolish a Noah's Ark with a tack-hammer.

    The Adventures of Sally

  • But always he kept boring in, delivering an occasional right to the body with the pleased smile of an infant destroying a Noah's ark with a tack-hammer.

    The Prince and Betty

  • The surest and often only effective means was to tickle the slumberer gently on the soles of the bare feet with some airy, delicate instrument such as my tack-hammer, or a convenient broom-handle or flat-iron.

    Zone Policeman 88; a close range study of the Panama canal and its workers

  • Trina had been very busy since the early morning, coming and going at everybody's call, now running down the street after another tack-hammer or a fresh supply of cranberries, now tying together the ropes of evergreen and passing them up to one of the grand ladies as she carefully balanced herself on


  • Yesterday he hit his thumb when he was hammerin 'with the little tack-hammer, and instead of just yellin' and stickin 'his finger in his mouth the way he did before, he said right out plain – well, you know what the beavers build to broaden out the water – well, that's what he said.

    The Second Chance


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