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  • n. grammatical, historical, allegorical or traditional interpretations of the Qur'an


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Arabic تفسير‎ (tafsir, "explanation, commentary")


  • Key Commentator on the Qur'an Tantawi's ability to talk about Islam and his scholarly influence are founded on the Islamic practice of tafsir, that is, commentary on the Qur'an.

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  • According to the principal, the school currently has 730 students from pre-school to primary six who are actively involved in both activities organised by the school as well as those organised by the Islamic Studies Department such as tafsir al-Quran memorisation and tahlil competitions.

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  • It is important to note that "tafsir" is not scripture; it is a companion to understanding scripture.

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  • The requirement that the Qur'an be read in Arabic (one of the first things Ataturk did was commission a Turkish Qur'an and tafsir, or commentary), and the belief by many Muslims that the ideal form of society can be derived from the Sunna of 7th century Arabia, and that their own societies are worth little, is an imperialism that goes to culture and to history, and is the worst and most complete kind.


  • However, he's recently written up some very good explanations (tafsir) regarding five (so far) Qur'anic ayat, under the general heading, Peace and Love in the Qur'an.

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  • Second, understanding of ahadith, sunnah, fiqh is more difficult to obtain because what little resources are available have virtually nothing in the way of context to explain concepts and history (as opposed to the various tafsir that are readily available to explain the Qur'an).

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  • Muhammad; sunna, or the body of Islamic social and legal custom; sira, or biographies of the Prophet; and tafsir, or Koranic commentary and explication.

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  • [Arabic: tafsir ahmadi] or his Essays [Arabic: khutbāt] you will find rational explanations of the ideas of Paradise and Hell, the Day of

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  • Volitional ignorance of the Qur'an, tafsir, ahaddith and fiqh, while highly amusing, is grossly uninformed. - News

  • But according to another narrative in Bukhari, Ayesha is reported to have said: "I was a young girl (jariyah in Arabic)" when Surah Al-Qamar was revealed (Sahih Bukhari, kitabu'l-tafsir, Bab Qaulihi Bal al-sa`atu Maw`iduhum wa'l-sa`atu adha' wa amarr).

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