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  • n. In South African English, a wizard, witch, or a spiteful person who operates in secret to harm others or who uses poisons and familiar spirits to carry out harmful deeds.


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The term is first recorded in 1836; it derives from the Zulu word umthakathi, being someone who mixes medicine, which itself comes from the Zulu thaka (mix) and muthi (medicine). The term has gradually come to be used to refer only to negative, harmful uses of medicines derived from plants, animals and minerals.


  • But they had not allowed for the expansion caused by the fizz in the wine, and, feeling themselves swelling, rolled about in the bottom of the boat, calling out that the good liquor was "tagati" -- that is, bewitched.

    King Solomon's Mines

  • As for this iron shirt, surely it is "tagati" [bewitched]; nothing could pierce it.

    Allan Quatermain

  • Kui nimekiri moodustub alusel "inimene ise ütleb, et tal on õigus olla selles nimekirjas", aga kontrollregistrit ei ole, siis me ei saa teada, kas kõigile inimestele tagati võrdne juurdepääs valimisele või mitte.

    tatsutahime Diary Entry

  • Seeing that he remained untouched amidst this hail of lead, they cried out that he was 'tagati,' or magic-guarded, but the indunas ordered them to continue their fire.

    The Red True Story Book

  • "Yes, because as I said, you are _tagati_, but there are others ----"

    The Ghost Kings

  • She must really have been _tagati_ (uncanny), that little Noie, for otherwise, although it is true she was pretty, why should Dingaan who has all

    The Ghost Kings

  • _tagati_, an enchantress, not like other women, white or black.

    The Ghost Kings


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