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  • n. A traditional drum, beaten by yobidashi to announce the beginning of a tournament, and at the end of each day
  • n. A Japanese drum or a performance of several drummers in an ensemble (also called kumi-daiko).


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Japanese 太鼓


  • Tsutsumi is different from the other drums because it's held on the shoulder and played with the hand, unlike the larger okawa, which rests on the thigh, or the largest drum of all, called taiko, which sits edgewise on a stand and is struck with fat drumsticks.

    Memoirs of a Geisha

  • Just like the Hongkee movie, this little "taiko" told another student to attack my son (Yes, I was shocked to hear this).


  • CONTRIBUTED Odaiko New England, using an authentic Japanese drum known as a "taiko," made music that got the audience on its feet during the Manjiro Festival. Latest Headlines

  • Maybe you play the piccolo at 13 and the taiko, or drums, at 17.

    In rural Japan, a modest bid to preserve tradition

  • There is even a section entitled: "An Even-Handed Acknowledgment of Both Families' Cultural Heritage", whose moral is that taiko drummers Tomine has Japanese roots and bagpipe players do not, under any circumstances, mix.

    Scenes from an Impending Marriage by Adrian Tomine – review

  • As the rhythmic beating of taiko drums filled the air, the floats—each outfitted with a 13-foot-high wooden tower and a telephone-pole-sized log jutting out from the base—collided thunderously.

    Japanese Town Reunites Around Festival

  • "Seeing the float and hearing the taiko drums and flute puts my soul at ease," said Rie Sasaki, whose family lost its home in the tsunami and is living in a neighboring town.

    Japanese Town Reunites Around Festival

  • There's dressing up of a different kind in a Cosplay competition, plus bonkers live Japanese-style gameshow action, Manga art, and taiko drumming.

    This week's new events

  • They seemed to gravitate more to the dance dance revolution, photobooth, and taiko games though.

    Women Audiences, Women Characters

  • The reason simply that his entire several year mission to that date he felt could have been done in less than a week of those boring astro/cosmo/taiko-naut EVAs you talked about.

    Where Next? - NASA Watch


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