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  • n. A horizontal airfoil, at the rear of an aircraft, to which the elevator is attached; usually associated with the tailfin

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  • n. the horizontal airfoil of an aircraft's tail assembly that is fixed and to which the elevator is hinged


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tail +‎ plane


  • Sudden & catstrophic depresurisation would most likely suck her out & blow her clear of wings & tailplane.

    Cheeseburger Gothic » Gentlemen’s Club.

  • She was much better at off-the-cuff stuff like the handkerchief over the British Airways tailplane, or the remark that she didn't see why immigrants should get council houses ahead of native British people, or the 'Rejoice!' after the successful end to the Falklands war.

    Tony Blair: The Next Labour Prime Minister?

  • The Cloud was coming back now, finishing its clockwise tour of the plane, flowing over the tailplane before pouring itself back into a cube.

    Neurosurgical Intervention For Beginners

  • The aircraft itself is spared looking like a rocket by its thin and extremely short wings set far back on the long fuselage, and a comparatively large tailplane carried almost at the top of an equally enormous fin.

    Pogreba, Dean A.

  • It was the hinged part of the tailplane which raised or lowered the aircraft's nose.

    Rat Race

  • The two boys were at the tailplane, their clothes blown and buffeted by the slipstream.

    The Rainbow and the Rose

  • But if we should, I want you to fall flat on the ground, so that the tailplane will pass over you.

    The Rainbow and the Rose

  • The centre wing box from Nantes, France and the horizontal tailplane from Tablada in Seville come by road.


  • (Bremen, Germany), nose sections (St Nazaire, France) and vertical tailplane (Stade, Germany) to be unloaded from by jig so the in-demand transporter only has to remain on the ground for a few hours, says final assembly line head Rafael Nogueras Cebrero.


  • After the aircraft ran into compressibility problems in 1947, it was modified to feature a variable-incidence tailplane that allowed it to pass through the sound barrier safely. - Articles related to Europe flights 'set to resume'


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