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taking advantage


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  • Unfortunately, I was born in Milton, Minnesota, where the options for sinful human sexuality involve screwing a guy named Vic who drives a snowmobile to school or taking advantage of a scrawny twerp like Herbie Landon.

    Kiss It

  • An economy steeped in corruption and driven by the heroin/opium trade and foreign aid enriched an elite who partied into the night, taking advantage of new freedoms that under the Taliban might have earned them a reprimand from the religious police (listening to music); landed them in prison (drinking alcohol); or had them stoned to death (sex outside marriage).

    The Longest War

  • Stalling, and also taking advantage of the fact that this bathroom was in-suite, and not a five-minute walk through bear-friendly territory like it had been last night, I took a long shower.

    Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour

  • Now Bardylis, king of Illyria, was poised to strike at the Macedonian heartland while the Paeonians on the northern border were already taking advantage of the chaos by raiding deep into Macedonia.

    Alexander the Great

  • Instinctively taking advantage of the opportunity before him, he bolted for third; easily winning a footrace between him and the slower Feliz.

    One Season

  • When I was there, we flew taking advantage of these triuisms and our know-how.

    Thud Ridge

  • Dedrick expresses concern about crops back home and wonders whether the men at home are taking advantage of the men serving in the army.

    Augusta County: Henry H. Dedrick to Mary E. A. Dedrick, January 22, 1862

  • I am taking advantage of this typewritertemporarily in his possession for some English translations he had been asked to do.

    Enemies of the People

  • Even today, with the fast-lane technology in place for almost two years, I see only a fraction of drivers taking advantage of it.


  • Like any clandestine, cash-driven marketplace, a series of individuals are trying to make good for themselves, taking advantage of whatever they can, and operating only in their own best interest.



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