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  • The talon-like fingers gripped his shoulders, jerked him to his feet, and held him there.


  • That was as far as Dave got, for at that moment he witnessed a transformation and found himself gazing into the same unspeakably ferocious blue eyes of the night before, at the same clutching talon-like hands, and at the same formidable bulk in the act of springing upon him.

    When the World Was Young

  • A certain rude rhythm characterized his frenzy, and when all were under its sway, swinging their bodies in accord with his and venting their cries in unison, he sat bolt upright, with arm outstretched and long, talon-like finger extended.


  • That's right, I thought, she had a meeting this morning with Pendleton, the graying old fart who held the purse strings of his company's ever increasing wealth in his bony, talon-like hands.


  • The talon-like nails of the black were tearing at his face, the hideous red eyes staring into his with a terrible threat, as Kane writhed about and, fending off the clawing hands with one arm, drew a pistol.

    The Moon of Skulls

  • There is something stupid, absurd, in the hard, talon-like eyes watching so fiercely and so confidently in the doorway, sure, unmitigated.

    Twilight in Italy

  • When they arrived in the valley of Nole, they scramble d to their feet, extended their long arms with the thorns clasped tight in their talon-like fingers, and rushed in a furious crowd and with loud cries upon the terror-stricken people.

    Queen Zixi of Ix

  • Their talon-like hands sank into his flesh as they dragged his ponderous bulk across the wet stone.

    Conan Of The Isles

  • The soft cushioned palms spelled love of luxury, the stumpy, curving fingers and talon-like nails indicated acquisitive greed.


  • A gesture, and the crowd of frowning priests sprang up the steps and swarmed round me; their fierce, vulpine faces aglow with terrible joy, their long talon-like nails outstretched to rend me fearful horrifying!

    A Rip Van Winkle Of The Kalahari Seven Tales of South-West Africa


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