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  • n. Plural form of tamarin.


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  • From a newborn gorilla and unusually adorable baby twin tamarins to wrestling tiger cubs and even a bucket full of kittens, unwind and appreciate the splendor of nature once you've had your fill of ghouls and ghosts.

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  • Although keeping many small monkey species, such as tamarins or squirrel monkeys, as a pet do not require licences, capuchins are covered by the Dangerous Wild Animals Act. This legislation requires the animals to be licensed and to be examined by a vet once a year.

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  • Mammals found only here or in few other Amazonian regions include primates such as tamarins (Saguinus midas), squirrel monkeys (Saimiri ustus), endangered titi monkeys (Callicebus moloch), marmosets (Callithrix argentatado), a number of rodents such as Coendou koopmani, Myoprocta acouchy, and arboreal rats (Echimys chrysurus and E. grandis), savanna foxes (Cerdocyon thous), and many bats.

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  • When they played the music back to seven pairs of adult cotton-top tamarins at the University of Wisconsin, the monkeys became more anxious and jittery while listening to the fearful monkey music, but then calmed down upon hearing the friendlier music.

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  • He began by listening to recordings Snowdon had made of the calls of cotton-top tamarins, and was able to discern as he did so which calls were from animals that were upset, and which were from animals that were more relaxed.

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  • The tamarins were familiarized with a series of stems+suffix (e.g., bi-shoy, lo-shoy) or a series of prefix+stems (e.g., shoy-bi, shoy-lo).

    2009 July « Motivated Grammar

  • The researchers played recordings of nonsense words to a group of tamarins, where each word consisted of a variable stem and a constant affix.

    2009 July « Motivated Grammar

  • After the tamarins were familiarized with the words, they were taken to a new enclosure, where examples of suffixed and prefixed words were played to them (the affix remained the same as in the training period, but the stems were new).

    2009 July « Motivated Grammar

  • The tamarins stared surprisedly when shoy was used as a prefix when they were trained with it as a suffix.

    2009 July « Motivated Grammar

  • In summary, their “results suggest that, in the absence of training, cotton-top tamarins learn a rule that is formally similar to affixation patterns [...] in natural language.”

    2009 July « Motivated Grammar


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