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  • adj. domesticated
  • adj. tame
  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of tame.

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  • adj. brought from wildness
  • adj. brought from wildness into a domesticated state


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  • The picture on the left shows a family trying to feed the first ever hippopotamus to be tamed from the wild.

    Jessica The Tame Hippo

  • Fiscal reforms put in force early in Erdogan's term tamed runaway inflation.

    Beginning of the End?

  • In the context of Jewish law, that penis gets "tamed" - or perhaps "domesticated" is a better term-through guidelines and requirements that direct a husband's sexuality towards his wife-because in a religious context, of course, marital sex is the only legitimate sex-requiring him to be attentive to her needs and desires, while at the same time ensuring that there is enough sex for him to be satisfied.

    feminist blogs

  • They lead a tamed elephant to battle, the king mounts a tamed elephant; the tamed is the best among men, he who silently endures abuse.

    The Dhammapada

  • Among other things, Spock metapohrically refers to Kirk as a "race horse" that must be "tamed" (or was it "broken"?).

    Star Dreck

  • Only safer, "tamed" poetry is marketed by the big machines today.

    Travis Nichols: The Poetry Feminaissance

  • It implies, I think, a fundamental break with the domination impulse by which we have "tamed" nature over the millennia of recorded history and built our unstable civilizations, propped up by war and conquest.

    Robert Koehler: Beyond Petroleum

  • I feel like it's the same situation as that tiger Roy of Siegfried & Roy "tamed" for show -- and we know how that ended. pourmecoffee

    The Joe Biden Containment Strategy - Swampland -

  • Admittedly, here in New Jersey, Giuliani remains fairly popular, seen as the guy who "tamed" the Big Apple; here voters are close enough to admire the good he accomplished next door but safely outside of the city, wherein we don't have to put up with the problems he caused its citizens.

    Poll: Hillary And Obama Both Trouncing Rudy In New York

  • Thus, we will all be less improved with a more homogenized, "tamed" work place of ideas.

    OpEdNews - Diary: Some Truth For A Change


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