from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. a term used among Jews for the Hebrew Bible; the Old Testament.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The common name of the Hebrew Old Testament. The word is formed, with assistant vowels, from the Hebrew initial consonants of the names of the three divisions of the Old Testament, namely, Torah, the law (the Pentateuch), Nebiim, the prophets, and Ketubim, writings (Hagiographa).


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  • Remy's body jerked, the/tanak/growing restless under the prodding call.

    Watcher 3] Fire Watcher

  • Remy stepped around her, holding up his hands as their bright auras made the pain start in his bones, the/tanak/flinching away from the light.

    Watcher 3] Fire Watcher

  • This could tear me apart worse than the/tanak/ever did.

    Watcher 3] Fire Watcher

  • Which made his heart thump again, before the/tanak/tightened its control, bringing autonomic functions back down and chilling the surface of his skin with reaction.

    Watcher 3] Fire Watcher

  • Control reasserted itself, the bite of the/tanak/against his bones familiar and half welcome now, because the pain reminded him of Elise standing right there, looking up at him with a faint line between her eyebrows.

    Watcher 3] Fire Watcher

  • It glittered wet and red in the failing light, the/tanak/burning in his bones as it fought to repair internal bleeding.

    Watcher 3] Fire Watcher

  • The/tanak/inside Remy's bones woke fully, grinding against his nerve-endings.

    Watcher 3] Fire Watcher

  • He would never have a chance to find a witch who could ease the constant, grinding pain of the/tanak/melded to his body, a useful symbiote but one the human body was never meant to carry.

    Watcher 3] Fire Watcher

  • The/tanak/in Remy's bones shifted, broken glass dragging over his nerves.

    Watcher 3] Fire Watcher

  • Aku yang tanak shopping kena pikir benda lain lak, de-stressed by getting this.

    KLuBBKiDD'S RaVe


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