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  • All of the organized religious movements, catholicism, judiasm, islam, taoism, quakerism and on and on are all male dominant.

    Bishops slam 'unacceptable' health care bill

  • Buddhism, taoism, Hinduism, Jainism, Zoroastrianism, Shinto, all these faiths and more came to be without anything to do with the "bible".

    Friendly religious questions for Christians and other monotheists

  • The class should not just teach christianity or judaism but should teach hinduism, taoism and even atheism.

    Walk in My Shoes: Why teens fight

  • I am particular interested in taoism, 2nd century Christianity, modern-day apocalyptic cults™.

    Open Thread. | Mind on Fire

  • What I always loved about Buddhism and taoism is it doesn't lay rigid rules and is more about accepting "we can't know everything" and offers a more open thought process.

    Archive Monday: Fluid

  • Chase - spiritual atheist.. i'm not really a buddhist but i like the philosophy behind it.. and taoism. those are atheistic philosophies/religions.

    32 Flavors

  • I am also an infinitist as described in the previous answer. taoism

    The Speculist: June 2006 Archives

  • I could ramble about the two competing detective/therapies being representative of either Hegel's synthesis or taoism vs. zen, but if I do M will want to hit me again so I'll leave that hanging for you to pick up :.

    [film] I Heart Huckabees

  • Jesus 'story ringing true two millenia later really shows how ignorant people are. lao tzu of course didn't exist because if he did exist he would have contradicted the basis of taoism by writing the tao te ch'ing. buddha was a historical person thats been verified but there's no record of jesus aside from the bible. sai

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  • It's no lufthansa technik component services llc that casual diverse demands as fight fu, yoga, islam, zen, taoism and christianity all switch a convincing card to modern the irritation and highlight lovers towards the self.



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  • July 28, 2007