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  • adj. Of, relating to, or suggestive of a teacher: "The tone is teacherly, unflappable, optimistic” ( Benjamin DeMott).

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  • adj. of or relating to teachers
  • adj. suggestive of a teacher


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From teacher


  • There are times when a "teacherly" book -- that is a work of serious literary criticism -- is preferable to a polemic.

    Principles of Literary Criticism

  • :: i am going to invest in some more "teacherly" clothing. however, since it seems that i am losing weight unconsciously and ridiculously frugal, i will just visit the thrift store this weekend.


  • Really Robertson was undertaking a teacherly disquisition on the post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy.

    Matthew Yglesias » Did Haiti Form a Pact With the Devil?

  • “Okay, Red Riding Hoods,” said Michael K. in his most teacherly voice.

    Spa©e headz

  • And so I found myself very annoyed, in a teacherly sort of way, that the issue of race, and the journey through a rapidly changing, fraught landscape should not be read for what it was, but should be misread as a failure to imaginatively foresee the ideology of the twenty-first century.

    On Barack Obama, Part 1 « Tales from the Reading Room

  • “Now, back to the lesson,” Yvie would say, with teacherly strictness, when we got off the phone.

    The Woman I Was Born to Be

  • "Nothing," they agree, of course, though Marilyn follows up with teacherly inflection, saying, "At … this … point."

    A Long Wait for a Long Drive

  • Just yesterday, I was praising our Lord for having the proper teacherly attitude toward the use of parables.

    Parables do not save

  • Jesus seems to share my teacherly attitude when it comes to his parables.

    No future in parables

  • “OK, let me make a suggestion,” he said, raising his green eyes and taking in Lucinda in a teacherly way.

    Running Out of Music


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