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  • n. Plural form of teasing.


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  • I rarely feel inclined to rail at the Rufe, whose gentle teasings hooked me on the belief that I could actually solve these crypticisms many many years ago I started out on Everyman, but soon I hit the harder stuff ...just like Tom Thumb but 12a, while amusingly clued, the answer is not the answer.

    Cryptic crossword No 25,233

  • It is a disease, which, if left alone, will increase and bring along with it all the teasings and tormentings of hypochondria, by no means dangerous to your life, but to the employments and pleasures of life.

    New Letters from Charles Brown to Joseph Severn

  • He was the sunny, joyful child who bore the brunt of his brothers 'teasings but learned quickly how to brush it off.

    CNN Transcript Aug 29, 2009

  • If Foucault insists that the sexual body is discursively contingent, then Barthes insists that some discursive bodies are sexually contingent, that they defer and displace meanings with playful teasings that excite and arouse the attentive reader

    How to Do the History of Pornography: Romantic Sexuality and its Field of Vision

  • Talking specifically about how much of an impact these taunts and teasings have later on in life.

    CNN Transcript Jul 12, 2007

  • We as a nation are constantly sexually teased--most commercials have sexual teasings in them--and since I'm Freudian, I go so far as to say that even these new car commercials in which they are talking to children about the kind of car their parents should own are very sexually teasing.


  • Insults, slights, teasings, rudeness she had borne in studied silence, a haughty dignity her only refuge.

    The Berrybender Narratives

  • Insults, slights, teasings, rudeness she had borne in studied silence . . .

    The Berrybender Narratives

  • “The teasings do give the police—and the prosecutor—a motive.”

    The Hardy Boys

  • After watching a few dozen teasings, tauntings, quarrels, and kindnesses among the children, she realized that she had seen pretty much every variation on teasing, taunting, quarreling, and kindness that she would ever see.

    Pastwatch, the Redemtion of Christopher Columbus


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