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  • adj. Extremely or excessively colourful
  • adj. Describing something in a technicolor model, a model that is similar to the Standard model but lacks a scalar Higgs field.


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From Technicolor.


  • There are a few obvious choices — ahem, Jim Caviezel as Jesus? — but a lot more unexpected ones: Jason Alexander as Joseph (as in technicolor dream coat), Lou Diamond Phillips as Mark, Harry Hamlin as Nehemiah, and my favorite, Luke Perry as Judas.

    Celeb-studded Bible audio book: Dylan McKay as Judas? Holy moly. |

  • May his memory and legend live out loud in technicolor starbursts.

    RIP... not

  • Though I loved this line of Naomi Judd's - "You keep living in technicolor, girlfriend" or something close.

    What Did YOU Do Before Noon on Friday?

  • That film was shown in technicolor in every country of the world outside the Curtain Countries within fourteen days of the Coronation.

    British Films

  • Rocketsled experiments and gondola ascension to 100,000 feat are graphically portrayed in technicolor and cinemascope, and even though a commentator's voice says at the end of the picture "This is NOT science fiction, it is fact," you know that only a few short years ago it would have been, and there are considerable elements of interest to the s.f. fan. "

    Will You Go See Avatar?

  • I’ve often said that I dream not just in technicolor, but in full surround sound with a studio orchestra and backup singers.

    Music Review: Dreamland, Brent Spiner & Maude Maggart

  • She’s also a wordsmith of the highest order, able to encapsulate complex ideas in technicolor poetry, as she does in this line from her latest work, Madame Mirabou’s School of Love:

    Writer Unboxed » Blog Archive » INTERVIEW: Barbara Samuel, Part 1

  • Ajay, with regards to the Internet replacing schools: you're dreaming in technicolor.

    Page One of My Next Book, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • You have now entered the baby phase known as technicolor poo!

    charles statman

  • I hope everyone reading these words has begun to think in technicolor, which is in keeping with the intentions of the Grand Architect who freely gave us green grass, blue skies, and the flowers of the field.

    Zolar’s Magick Of Color


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