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  • adj. Teetotal.


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  • Because while I don't drink alcohol, my teetotalling is a personal preference, not a moral duty, and so I don't think responsible alcohol consumption needs any stronger of a reason than spite.

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  • I ceased to be a teetotalling Pussy the day that my step-mom told me that I had to hit my sisters back instead of just getting beat up.


  • But, weighing the evidence, I decide to stick with my teetotalling ways.


  • And then, of course, there is the teetotalling 50% of the Democratic party that never drank the kook-aid and knew he was a Huey Long from the upper midwest all along.

    Obama Reiterates: Combat Troops Out Of Iraq In 16 Months

  • While Woody Guthrie was a rambling, gambling, hard-travelling, hard-drinking guy who collected a handful of wives in his time and whose guitar "killed fascists", his travelling partner, Pete Seeger was a teetotalling Quaker Unitarian pacifist who married a Japanese girl during World War Two and did time briefly for refusing to name names to Joe McCarthy.

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  • This sermonizing reformer was so appalled at the sins of others, she often rose in church to rebuke the men present, including her husband, a teetotalling minister.

    Diana Meehan: Myth America

  • No amount of money, police harassment, or made-for-teevee humiliation is going to force everybody to follow some na├»ve, well-intentioned (if we're being charitable), teetotalling life plan.

    Davis Sweet: Free Rush Limbaugh! (Again)

  • Mormons don't, and thus will as easily fit in among teetotalling Muslims.

    Ellis Weiner: A Daring Solution to the Middle East Dilemma

  • Compared to moderate drinking, teetotalling is actually bad for your health, notwithstanding the odious and coercive nannyism the Temperance Movement prefers.

    People are drinking way too much. Blame Crate & Barrell.

  • I'm currently fence-sitting on teetotalling, but even in a few *weeks* of abstaining it has been socially awkward.

    I drink (What if No One's Watching?)


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