from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • In electricity, noting a device for the production, at a distance, by electrical means, of the facsimile of a figure or object in relief.
  • Noting the alleged spiritualistic phenomena of materialization, or the formation of phantasmal figures of persons and things. Also telesomatic. See the quotation.


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  • I am the more disposed to believe in the teleplastic theory, for the reason that I have recently had an opportunity to witness a particularly incredible thing: the materialization of a complete human form outside the cabinet and beside the psychic -- a phenomenon which has a special bearing upon the matter of identity which we are discussing.

    The Shadow World

  • I am describing this sitting to explain what I mean by the ideoplastic or teleplastic theory.

    The Shadow World

  • If the observations of scientific experimentalists are of any value, the teleplastic theory is on the point of winning acceptance. "

    The Shadow World

  • "Well, there is the teleplastic theory of Albert de Rochas.

    The Shadow World


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