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  • adj. Of or pertaining to the lowest degree of glory.


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From tel(o)- +‎ (cel)estial.


  • To stay out from under the radar I suggest a prepaid cell phone from www.

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  • Unsaved gentiles spent eternity in the lowest plane of heaven, the telestial kingdom.

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  • The _telestial state_ is for those who have failed to live according to the light given them; those who have had to suffer the results of their sins; those who have been of Moses, of Paul, of Apollos, and of any one of a multitude of others, but not of the Christ.

    The Story of "Mormonism"

  • I've been researching telestial and other companies and trying to decide whether picking up a sim card locally in Australia and then Hong Kong or buy one that is good in both ...

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  • Also - telestial needs to ship to me, and I was thinking of just getting it when I arrived.

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  • But from my experience, religion teaches that you need to follow the specific rules / regulations or you won't get through the Pearly Gates, or to the right "levels" in the hereafter - telestial, terestial or celestial in the case of LDS, or purgatory, or hell, etc.

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  • So I guess they are all going to the mormon hell -- the telestial kingdom. Most Popular

  • I have found a couple of sites to purchase Mexico Telcel Amigo sim cards in the U.S. prior to departure: www. (these also provide sim cards for other countries around the world).

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  • But borderline telestial people like me might not get the fully equipped model.

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  • By contrast, those in the telestial glory differ in glory, "for as one star differs from another star in glory, even so differs one from another in glory in the telestial world" (D&C 76: 98).

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