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  • adj. Alternative spelling of telltale.


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  • • The tell-tale thin red line on the right side of my stomach by my hip, caused by leaning over while wearing the holder and a too-short T-shirt, or making the amateur's mistake of putting the clip straight onto a waistband rather than a belt.

    Kathy Buckworth: Marry Me, BlackBerry: A Valentine's Day Request

  • Even in New York, where you're gay until proven otherwise, I was careful to parse my words, prevaricate for the comfort of others and subtly pepper in the tell-tale personal pronoun in order to introduce the subject of a boyfriend.

    My Coming Out Do-Over

  • Intelligence gathered months before the raid revealed a tell-tale exchange with the al Qaeda leader in Yemen.

    New Details In The Bin Laden Docs: Portrait Of A Fugitive Micro-Manager

  • The clock was showing 64 minutes when Carlos Tevez first got the signal to pull off that fluorescent orange bib and start preparing for his first piece of competitive action since feeling that sharp, tell-tale pain at the back of his leg at Anfield four weeks ago.

    Carlos Tevez turns from talisman to 12-minute man in final audition | Daniel Taylor

  • Entry tags: edgar allan poe, gold bug the, man in black, pit and the pendulum the, strange case of edgar allan poe the, tell-tale heart the, vanishing point

    Issue 0.036

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    Issue 0.036

  • Since I hadn't heard the tell-tale thud, I figured she hadn't hurt herself, and my first assumption was that her little brother was somehow responsible.

    John Riofrio: What a Doll's Broken Arm Taught Me About Parenting and Privilege

  • The author's writing on neuroaesthetics, in which brain science figures rather intermittently, reveals how little the "tell-tale brain" tells us about ourselves.

    The Mind in the Mirror

  • The tell-tale clue was the line about our obligation to non-citizens, which is just bait for sophomore philosophy majors.

    Matthew Yglesias » The Wages of Immigration

  • In the rejection department: I received one that featured the tell-tale word “alas.”

    Be Seeing You…Not : Bev Vincent


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