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  • adj. Of or pertaining to a telomere.


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  • The very ends of telomeres are 3′ protruding single-stranded TTAGGG repeats about 150 bp in length, referred to as telomeric G-tails or 3′ G-rich overhangs

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  • The dynamics of the highly non-linear processes discussed here may be relevant to duplications of smaller (epsilon) subunits such as telomeric units within malignant genomes.

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  • And so, what my work had been doing was to first of all show the molecular nature of the telomeric DNA itself and then with Jack Szostak we were able to extend that and show that something strange was going on.

    Elizabeth H. Blackburn - Interview

  • It's a lot of meetings of minds and the concepts of telomeric DNA and the sequencing, well that was very dependent on the sequencing methodologies that were being worked out even before the now conventional methods of DNA sequencing happened.

    Elizabeth H. Blackburn - Interview

  • A telomeric sequence in the RNA of Tetrahymena telomerase required for telomere repeat synthesis.

    The 2009 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine - Press Release

  • It is the remnants of two telomeric regions fusing and it appears to be old, possibly millions of years old based on the divergence of chimp centromere 2q.

    Modern humans may have inherited some Neanderthal genes - The Panda's Thumb

  • Well, as can be seen in this diagram of the fusion point, there are a significant number of mutations that have accumulated in the telomere and pre-telomeric sequences at the interstitial fusion site.

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  • The so-called marker incorporated by Emily Konigsberg is actually a unique suite of introns — multiple noncoding sequences of DNA — occurring on four different chromosomes, plus a single mutant exon from the complex controlling telomeric proteins.

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  • "Association of marine omega-3 fatty acid levels with telomeric aging in patients with coronary heart disease."

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  • But it is Blackburn's groundbreaking work on telomeric DNA, which launched the field of telomere research, that will have the more profound and long-lasting effect on science and society. - Articles related to Length of biological marker linked to cancer


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