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  • n. Any of many primitive amphibians, of the order Temnospondyli, from the Carboniferous and Permian periods.


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  • After the writing yesterday, and after the grand safari down to the stoop, I spent maybe an hour writing another new article for Wikipedia, this one on the temnospondyl amphibian Kryostega collisoni (from the Early or Middle Triassic of the Transantarctic Mountains).

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  • Some of the references in the attached list aren't strictly dinosaurs concerning, say, temnospondyl amphibians, crocodylomorphs, mammals, anatomy, physiology, sedimentology, etc.; mostly I try and collect things that are relevant to Mesozoic terrestrial ecosystems, focusing on dinosaurs and their associated biotas and environments. ...

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  • The scientists worked from a fossilized piece of the snout of K. collinsoni, analyzing structures present in more complete skulls for other temnospondyl species that had similar size characteristics.

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  • The species, named Kryostega collinsoni, is a temnospondyl, a prehistoric amphibian distantly related to modern salamanders and frogs.

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  • He has studied a number of other Antarctic fossils, including dinosaurs, collected at about the same time, and so the temnospondyl fossil was not closely examined until the last couple of years.

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  • They want a fossil that has a sign I am a dissorophoid temnospondyl from the Permian.

    Anti-Feminists Attack Pharyngula (yes, again)

  • Synapsid reptiles become common Pelycosaurs and Therapsids, parareptiles and temnospondyl amphibians also remain common.

    Table of geologic time - The Panda's Thumb

  • The animal resembled a modern crocodile but was actually a temnospondyl, a prehistoric amphibian that was an early relative of salamanders and frogs. Top headlines


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