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  • "Then, with a deep ten-ounce ladle, I pushed down in the center, and the tortilla came up around the bowl like the long dress and underskirts of a Victorian woman who had fallen, fully clothed, into a lake, her skirts billowing up around her heavy sinking body."

    Book review: 'Blood, Bones & Butter' delectable when chef Hamilton's in charge

  • Much easier to tote a ten-ounce thing than 100 books on a plane!

    Where to buy bestselling books?

  • Royce placed five identical orders—ten-ounce Kobe cap steak, medium rare—then everyone and everything else went away, the entire city retreating as all the energy in the room was sucked toward their round table.


  • And there's still enough left for champagne served in chilled, ten-ounce crystal stem glasses; a dozen different kinds of oysters; the deejay of the moment, Samantha Ronson; and a wooden dance floor constructed on the back lawn.


  • They found an old-fashioned place with only Molson Ex on tap, served in ten-ounce glasses at a price ripped-off asphalt spreaders could afford.

    Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

  • For mixers, six bottles of Evian water, two dozen sodas (75 per cent of which were to be of the diet variety); and six eight - to ten-ounce glasses.

    Sinatra The Man Behind the Myth

  • He took one of the ten-ounce glasses, dropped in three of the hard-frozen cubes of ice, added a precisely measured ounce and a half of Scotch, and filled the glass to within an inch of the brim with soda.

    Anything You Can Do ...

  • Going through a long list in the same manner, we find that the ten-ounce bar of uncoined silver would buy in '73, in New York city, twenty-three and a half bushels of corn, to-day twenty-four bushels; of cotton then eighty pounds, to-day eighty-six pounds -- and there is "a great speculative boom in cotton," and has been for some time, but on the average price of this year silver would buy much more.

    If Not Silver, What?

  • In February, 1873, a ten-ounce bar of uncoined silver sold in New York city for $13 in gold, or $14.82 in greenbacks.

    If Not Silver, What?

  • I never was as glad to see a ten-ounce nugget as I was that book.

    Heart of the West [Annotated]


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