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  • n. The ball used in tennis or lawn-tennis.


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  • Kids love ghost pumpkins like the tennis-ball sized white 'Baby Boo', whose pallor in the garden is startling.

    Valerie Easton: Are Your Vegetables Multi-Tasking??

  • The Australian enforcer Mitchell Johnson bordered on mediocre, however, short of pace on a slow surface with only tennis-ball bounce.

    The Ashes 2010: Peter Siddle hat-trick gives England a bloody nose

  • There are times when Democrats remind me of the episode of Seinfeld where, after a slapstick chain of mishaps, Kramer finds himself pinned against the wall like a soldier about to be executed as a tennis-ball machine bops one ball after another off of his head, until he groggily collapses and slides out of frame.

    Tom Watson: Late Rounds on Healthcare: Can Obama Throw a Counter-Punch?

  • They watch me unload the car and set up your walker, with its tennis-ball feet, so that we can creep across the sidewalk, while behind us, their children swing from monkey bars and play dodgeball and do all the other ordinary things that would cause you to break.

    Handle with Care

  • Familiarity with your typical movements is necessary in order to so anticipate you: a new puppy might not be tricked by a feigned tennis-ball toss, but with age he will be.


  • We both enjoy our nightly cuddle on the floor, followed by a favorite tennis-ball game.

    Chicken Soup for the Soul: Loving Our Dogs

  • More target practice can be had by blasting Uncle Sam in the face with a tennis-ball gun or shooting him out of the windows of a Wild West saloon with a video pistol.

    Mixed Messages

  • A tennis-ball, whether in motion by the stroke of a racket, or lying still at rest, is not by any one taken to be a free agent.

    An Essay Concerning Human Understanding

  • Convulsive motions agitate his legs, so that though he wills it ever so much, he cannot by any power of his mind stop their motion, (as in that odd disease called chorea sancti viti), but he is perpetually dancing; he is not at liberty in this action, but under as much necessity of moving, as a stone that falls, or a tennis-ball struck with a racket.

    An Essay Concerning Human Understanding

  • If we inquire into the reason, we shall find it is because we conceive not a tennis-ball to think, and consequently not to have any volition, or preference of motion to rest, or vice versa; and therefore has not liberty, is not a free agent; but all its both motion and rest come under our idea of necessary, and are so called.

    An Essay Concerning Human Understanding


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