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  • n. A thin back-saw having eight teeth to the inch, used for fine, accurate sawing, as in forming tenons, dovetails, miters, etc. Also called tenor-saw.


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  • The _back-saw_ or _tenon-saw_, Fig. 90, is a fine crosscut-saw, with

    Handwork in Wood

  • Leave a little spare at each end of every board, and when the side is covered run a tenon-saw across both ends of all the boards close to the frame, and finish up with the plane.

    Things To Make

  • The tools required are a small tenon-saw, a chisel, two or three gouges of different sizes, a spoke-shave, and a file with one side flat and the other round.

    Man on the Ocean A Book about Boats and Ships

  • There stood the old soldier, by the window, examining narrowly into the temper of hand-saw and tenon-saw, broad-axe and drawing-knife; and as I came up to him, he looked at me from under his black brows with gruff compassion, and said peevishly, --

    The Caxtons — Volume 14

  • (Oxford English Dictionary) [23.5] Tennant-saw or a tenon-saw is "a fine saw for making tenons, etc., having a thin blade, a thick back, and small teeth very slightly 'set.'"

    Inventory of Robert Carter's Estate, November [1733]

  • Chips lent me his little tenon-saw, and I cut them all off a roller; he helped me to finish them up with sandpaper, and told me what to soak half of them in to make them black. "

    Fitz the Filibuster


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