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  • n. Plural form of tenrec.


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  • The tenrecs are a family of extraordinary mammals—about thirty living species, spanning roughly the same size range as mice and rats but showing their own remarkable spectrum of physiological adaptations.

    The Song of The Dodo

  • The country is home to some 90 types of lemurs as well as a bonanza of other rare and unusual creatures including a puma-like mongoose, spiny hedgehog-like beasts called tenrecs, and absurdly colorful chameleons. News

  • A University Expedition to the island studied forest regeneration, Seychelles fruit bat, tenrecs and black parrot.

    Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve, Seychelles

  • Tenrecs are not closely related to shrews: the closest relatives of tenrecs are golden moles, elephant shrews, hyraxes and elephants, while the closest relatives of shrews are bats.

    Open thread: questions and explanations - The Panda's Thumb

  • Elephant shrews are related to hyraxes and tenrecs, elephants and sea cows, and the aardvark.

    A Year on the Wing

  • Introduced goats, pigs, and cattle inhibit regeneration of native forest; and introduced cats, dogs, common mynah (Acridotheres tristis), and tenrecs prey upon native species, particularly birds, lizards, caecilians, and invertebrates.

    Granitic Seychelles forests

  • The endemic tenrecs, a unique family of insect-eating mammals, occupy the ecological niche that shrews and moles occupy elsewhere.

    Biological diversity in Madagascar and the Indian Ocean Islands

  • Other near endemic mammal species living at the middle to upper reaches of eastern mountains include the rice tenrec (Oryzorictes tetradactylus), found only in the south central highlands, highland streaked tenrec (Hemicentetes nigriceps), several shrew-tenrecs (e.g. Microgale gracilis, M. gymnorhyncha, and M. monticola), and a species of tuft-tailed rat (Eliurus majori).

    Madagascar ericoid thickets

  • Numerous forms of mammals are considered strictly endemic to this ecoregion, including the Alaotran gentle lemur (Hapalemur griseus aloatrensis), and a number of shrews, tenrecs, and rodents.

    Madagascar subhumid forests

  • The other genera include tenrecs that resemble moles, tenrecs that resemble hedgehogs or, to an American eye, miniature porcupines, and an elusive aquatic tenrec named Limnogale mergulus, which lives the life of a small river otter.

    The Song of The Dodo


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