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  • noun archaic Two hundred.


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ten +‎ score


  • So large was it, that the tenscore purchasers before the counters made no apparent crowd.


  • To the young man with the adze they were quite accustomed, and they liked him, because he minded his own business, and cared nothing about theirs; but of this wandering maiden they had no safe knowledge, and judged the worst, and all rushed away, some tenscore strong, giving notice to him as they passed the boat that he also had better be cautious.


  • "The most honorable Tasjan was playing for that, and the word is that a former lancer named Sasyk is rallying the tenscore armed guards he trained for Tasjan - as well as others within the merchanters - to force a merchanter upon the Malachite Throne."

    Scion of Cyador

  • "The message was a request for you to inquire about what Tasjan has said about the lady head of Ryalor House, and his plans for the more than tenscore armsmen he is assembling."

    Scion of Cyador

  • The ground shivers under the impact of tenscore sets of hoofs.

    Scion of Cyador

  • After what seems like tenscore circles in one direction, he turns and walks the other way.

    Scion of Cyador

  • Any campaign to take the port of Jera can be accomplished with tenscore lancers, although a larger force would limit any uncertainty ....

    Scion of Cyador

  • In the more than tenscore years since the creation of Cyador, no chaos-tower has ever been successfully restored, even when it appeared identical to those still functioning.

    Scion of Cyador

  • Fydel whispered to the herald, and the man echoed his words: "Who else would bring tenscore White Lancers?"

    Colors of Chaos

  • Despite the sun that fell across him, Cerryl suddenly felt cold, even before the wind picked up, and very alone, even though tenscore lancers rode behind him.

    Colors of Chaos


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