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  • n. One of the several ropes or cords by which a tent is secured to the tent-pins and thus to the ground. These ropes are attached to the tent usually at intervals corresponding to a breadth of the canvas.


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  • The metres, our feet, were called “Arkán,” the stakes and stays of the tent; the syllables were “Usúl” or roots divided into three kinds: the first or “Sabab” (the tent-rope) is composed of two letters, a vowelled and a quiescent consonant as

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • So I strode forward as if just arrived and purposely tripped over a tent-rope, stumbling under the awning with a laugh and an apology.

    The Ivory Trail

  • "I thought so at first, but it looks as if I'll be cutting figure eights on the end of a tent-rope."

    The Winds of Chance

  • Stella was blindly tottering against the tent-rope, clutching vaguely for support.

    The Lamp in the Desert

  • Spurring himself anew, and flinging all his wasting resources into the flight, with the pursuers even at his heels, he stretches out toward the mark, and with one last tremendous exertion he touches the tent-rope and is safe!

    The Silver Lining: Messages of Hope and Cheer

  • To touch the tent-rope is to enter the circle of inviolable hospitality.

    The Silver Lining: Messages of Hope and Cheer

  • A number of Afridis forced their way into the camp, lunging at every tent-rope within reach of their long knives, and in the dim light it was not easy to distinguish friend from foe.

    Captain Desmond, V.C.

  • Miki followed a few moments later, and his master fastened the end of a worn tent-rope around his neck and tied the rope to a sapling.

    Nomads of the North

  • Then Faiz Ullah took blankets, quilts, and coverlets where he found them, and lay down under them at his master's side, and bound his arms with a tent-rope, and filled him with

    The Day's Work - Volume 1

  • Half a company of 'em took one of the new draft an 'hanged him by his arms with a tent-rope from a third story verandah.

    Life's Handicap


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