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  • n. Plural form of tepui.


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  • To them the tepuis are the sacred home of mawari spirits, guardians of the savanna, and they never climbed them till recently.

    Canaima National Park, Venezuela

  • And they are called tepuis (singular: tepui), a word from the Pemón Amerindians.


  • Deep in the Venezuelan Amazon, among ancient forested tabletop mountains known as tepuis, crystalline rivers, and breathtaking waterfalls, illegal gold miners are threatening one of world's largest remaining blocks of wilderness, one that is home to indigenous people and strikingly high levels of biological diversity. News

  • Only about 3,500 indigenous people from two forest tribes, the Ye'kuana and Sanema, live in its rain forest and savannas, which are fed by rivers flowing down from the Venezuelan table-top mountains known as tepuis that geologists think are remnants of the mountains of the Gondwana supercontinent.

    NYT > Home Page

  • The unique landscape of sheer table-top mountains known as tepuis juts out of the rainforest and inspired Arthur Conan Doyle's novel "The Lost World."

    Caribbean Net News Daily Headlines

  • The biggest prize may be yet to come: coral-type silica growing from rock in a cave amid Venezuela's table-top "tepuis" mountains.

    Environment news, comment and analysis from the Guardian |

  • It covers the rolling upland plains of the Gran Sabana (Great Savanna) at elevations between 800m in the south and 1,500m in the north, the table mountains or tepuis 2,000-2,800m high of Roraima, Kukenan and others in the eastern sector, with Chimantá and Auyán-tepui, the largest, amongst others in the west, plus undulating lowlands between 350 and 650m.

    Canaima National Park, Venezuela

  • The climate of the great plateau is temperate, with a mean annual temperature of 24. 5°C, but on the tepuis temperatures average between 9°-12°C and can fall to 2°C at night.

    Canaima National Park, Venezuela

  • Drosera roraima and Utricularia humboldtii. 18 of these endemic taxa have been identified on the tepuis Summit endemics occur on most or all mountains, others are highly localized to a single summit, and on Auyántepui for example, 900 species of higher plants have been recorded many endemic to that massif.

    Canaima National Park, Venezuela

  • In the eastern sector this includes the primary forests at the base of Roraima; the Ptari, Kukenán, Apauraí, Sororopán and Cerro Venamo tepuis; the Lema Range and the headwaters of several rivers, including the Kukenán, Arabopó and Aponwao.

    Canaima National Park, Venezuela


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