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  • adj. Describing any phenomenon measured in teravolts or similar measures
  • adj. Describing any computer operating at a speed measured in teraflops


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tera- +‎ scale


  • Intel also noted that the experimental chip uses the same amount of energy as two household light bulbs. eye on the data center and the cloud, Intel built fully functional cores in the new chip as part of what it calls its "terascale" mission.

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  • With its eye on the data centre and the cloud, Intel built fully functional cores in the new chip as part of what it calls its "terascale" mission.

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  • And while we ponder, the paper concludes, Until we all have inexpensive end-to-end gigabit speed networks, terascale datasets will have to move over some form of sneaker net.

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  • "The DARPA UHPC program is attacking technical issues that are key to the future of high performance computing, from the embedded terascale to the exascale," said Steve Scott, Cray's senior vice president and CTO, and the Cray principal investigator on the team.

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  • Development of the processor is part of Intel's terascale computing research program. - Content Feed

  • University of Massachusetts Dartmouth: Heterogeneous terascale computing cluster for the development of graphics processing unit optimized high order numerical methods Brown University: Hybrid computing for development of novel algorithms for stochastic simulations MIT: Autonomous underwater vehicle for research in navigation, mapping and autonomy

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  • The European Commission has launched a joint FP7 Future Emerging Technology research project TRAMS aiming to investigate the impact of increasing variability and decreasing reliability of the components in future terascale memory systems and to create new design paradigms which can secure their reliable operation in future multicore processors and system on a chip applications. Aktuelle Nachrichten

  • In this project we focus on the memory system of terascale processors. Aktuelle Nachrichten

  • Graphene, a novel form of carbon, could enable terascale computing (terahertz clock speed, terabyte memory) by then, or thereafter.

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  • They got us into the terascale and petascale ranges.

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