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  • adv. In a terminological manner.
  • adv. Regarding terminology.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • In a terminological manner; in the way of terminology; as regards terminology.


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  • Yet the learning curve would happen more quickly if the bits and pieces were conceptually and terminologically included within the overall biological processes in the beginning.

    Evolution by Any Other Name - The Panda's Thumb

  • This is, as we all know, hard to do, and it's not simply methodologically so, or terminologically so.

    Game Studies at GDC, Part 2

  • While Carnap's focus on the reduction of descriptive terms allows for the conclusive verification of some statements, it must be noted that his criterion also allowed universally quantified statements to be meaningful, provided they were syntactically and terminologically correct (1932a, §2).

    Vienna Circle

  • But the “you said something imprecise or terminologically wrong, therefore I can ignore relevant arguments from you” seems silly.

    500,000 Hits « Climate Audit

  • I could not avoid doing so terminologically, on account of the poverty of the language; but have patience until I explain my meaning.

    The Social Contract

  • You can see how messy this has become terminologically: there is IBM's original "PC" brand, there's the rise of "PC Compatible" machines, and the all-encompassing term "PC."

    Ars Technica

  • He does give an argument that differs only terminologically from Joe Levine's well known Explanatory Gap argument (63).

    Integral Options Cafe

  • Well Kim won't need to wear the flame retardant britches to lunch tomorrow, though I may enlist her at some point to help flame the people who made it so complicated and weird and terminologically retarded in the first place.

    MSDN Blogs

  • “esse habitudinis/esse quod est operatio entis” entails anything other than a distinction between types of propositions and whether his use of the distinction comes under the attacks of Roger Bacon on the same way in which these attacks seem relevant to a terminologically similar distinction in Richard Rufus.

    Richard the Sophister


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