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  • n. Common misspelling of terawatts.


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  • By comparison, all of human civilization uses around 15 terrawatts of power, or one six-thousandth as much.

    Steven Cohen: Steve Jobs and the Power of Technology

  • Since the 1970s, nuclear energy has produced terrawatts of carbon-free energy, but it has also created an ever-growing stockpile of radioactive waste.

    Corbin Hiar: Dancing in the Dark: The Danger of Letting Business Lead on Climate Protection

  • The sun shines about 120,000 terrawatts on the Earth, and today we use about 18 TW(~0.015% of solar), but if you assume that everyone will reach the US standard usage and that population will grow to 9 billion, and throw a bit of growth of usage from 12.5 KW in you get about 100 TW (~0.08% of solar) for global power demand in the not so far future, say 2100.

    Archive 2008-07-01

  • For example, if the 125-kilometer radius reflector discussed earlier for use in vaporizing the pole were to concentrate its power on a smaller region, 27 terrawatts would be available to melt lakes one terrawatt, or TW, equals one million megawatts.

    The Case for Mars

  • This will result in the production of 1,000 tonnes of deuterium per year, enough to produce 11 terrawatts TW of electricity, or about what the entire human race consumes today.

    The Case for Mars

  • Thus, while the engineering of such mirrors may be somewhat grandiose, the benefits to terraforming of being able to wield tens of terrawatts of power in a controllable way can hardly be overstated.

    The Case for Mars

  • Also, the blog site is linked to a Wikipedia page that showed how to make an electro-magnetic device "that could be easily carried by a person, can produce pulses in the millions of amperes and tens of terrawatts, exceeding the power of a lightning strike by orders of magnitude."

    Winnipeg Sun

  • So, if we don't build replacement nukes and we start phasing out coal plants we will be 1.7 terrawatts in the hole based just on is estimated to increase to anywhere from 5-6 terawatts by 2030.

    Chicago Boyz

  • So, IF just for example, we're pulling hydrocarbons out of the ground (energy the earth has stored) and converting it up here topside into FOR EXAMPLE 100 terrawatts of energy.

    Hot Air » Top Picks

  • [About] 170 terrawatts of solar energy hits the earth over a year and we can use it. "

    AlwaysOn Feed


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