terror-haunted love


from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Haunted with terror; subject to visitations of extreme fear.


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  • One man journeys forth across the terror-haunted world to seek the source of a telepathic echo, the cry of his long-lost loved one, Mirdath the Beautiful, whom he knew in a previous cycle of existance, uncounted millions of year before.

    What's The Most Underrated Science Fiction Novel?

  • In our time — in this terror-haunted interlude (we hope) of background-hum dread and well-founded paranoia — no literary divinator gets it righter than the sci-fi pulp master Philip K. Dick, author of Clans of the Alphane Moon and dozens of other books, and inspirer of some of Hollywood's spookiest dystopias, including Blade Runner, Total Recall, and Minority Report.


  • To bodies that had been laid in earth, in joyful expectation of a far different awakening, there came that hasty, lamp-lit, terror-haunted resurrection of the spade and mattock.

    The Body-Snatcher

  • Native ideas recognise this terror-haunted landscape as the point where Times touches Eternity, and natural forces blend with occult influences.

    Through the Malay Archipelago

  • How could a man ride alone into such a gloomy, terror-haunted domain?

    Last of the great scouts; the life story of Col. William F. Cody ("Buffalo Bill") as told by his sister, Helen Cody Wetmore

  • Lonely, solitary, followed by his dam and brood, he creeps through the tall grass, ever with watchful, terror-haunted eyes; satisfies his few desires; communicates, by means of a few grunts and signs, his tiny store of knowledge to his offspring; then, crawling beneath

    Tea-Table Talk

  • Death itself seemed to have been frightened away from this terror-haunted desert.

    All Roads Lead to Calvary

  • I have had a night of strange and terror-haunted dreams.

    The Silent Isle

  • In truth it is not the convulsed terror-haunted Dostoievski but the serene Turgenev who is under

    Notes on Life and Letters

  • I guessed what a life he had led, terror-haunted by the coming footsteps of landladies.



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