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  • n. A polymer, polyethylene terephthalate (PET), used for making thread and cloth.

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  • n. a kind of polyester fabric


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Originated (as Terylene) as a trademark.


  • Subsequent development of polymers included neoprene, arising from work of Father Julius A. Nieuwland beginning in 1906; nylon, developed by Wallace H. Carothers and first manufactured in 1938; acrilan; orlon; dynel; and dacron (called terylene by its British inventors, J.R. Whinfield and J.T. Dickson, 1941).


  • And I personally think that "terylene" is one of the most wonderfully hideous product names ever invented. - Stuff

  • She couldn't pretend that she had relinquished them with much of a struggle, those comforting illusions taught in St. Matthew's Primary School, assimilated behind the draped terylene curtains of her aunt's front sitting-room in Alma Terrace, Middlesbrough, with its holy pictures, its photograph of Pope John, its framed papal blessing of her aunt and uncle's wedding.

    She Closed Her Eyes

  • The real everyday Stasi uniforms, dreary numbers made of bargain-basement terylene, completed by cheap mailman's boots, would not have the same effect.

    The Stasi on Our Minds

  • Whigs, U.S. Whinfield, J. R., developer of terylene (dacron)

    Subject Index Page 82

  • I thought about the two of us standing in a waist-high four foot square wicker basket, supported by terylene and hot air, fifteen thousand feet above the solid ground, travelling without any feeling of speed at fifty-seven miles an hour.

    Whip Hand

  • Why does the United States put up protective tariffs - notoriously aimed chiefly at British imports -- of 30% to 40% on such products as nylon and terylene, 80% on polythene, 20% on machine tools, 50% on electric motors, and from 20% to 40% on glass?

    Britain Today

  • Back then, terylene and crimplene were part of a 'comfort revolution' and every Jason King wannabe drowned himself from head to toe in clobber made by, let's face it, a chemical manufacturer.

    British Blogs

  • The whole unit is made of PVC-coated plastic 420D terylene to add to the strength and life long lasting ability (this is called Dura-tech construction) and the total weight is approximately sixty pounds.

    Epinions Recent Content for Home

  • I wore this pants and the pointed toe boots with a terylene shirt to school one day and the Bomber saw red.



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