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  • n. A piece of material adapted by size and shape to be tested in a testing-machine to determine its physical properties, such as strength, elastic limit, deformation under load, etc.; a test-bar.


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  • Indeed, it took almost 20 years for a climber – an American, Alex Honnold – to try his Peak District test-piece, Gaia a grade easier than the Indian Face and climb it from the bottom to the top on his first attempt.

    Johnny Dawes: 'It's about doing something that's fun… and impossible'

  • Heart racing, he locked the test-piece into the spee-gee; and that vital organ almost stopped beating entirely as the indicator needle went up and up and up'stopping at a full twenty two, and the scale went only to twenty four!

    Gray Lensman

  • After the pots have been heated at 1,600°F. for about 5-1/4 hr., they are removed, and a scrap-section test-piece is quenched direct from the pot in mineral oil at _not more than_ 100°F.

    The Working of Steel Annealing, Heat Treating and Hardening of Carbon and Alloy Steel

  • A better test-piece could not have been selected for her début.

    Life of Hon. Phineas T. Barnum

  • Potato Head Blues - on which his stop-time chorus became a test-piece for aspiring young trumpeters - and West End Blues with its ingenious opening cadenza, its mellow vocal chorus and Armstrong's dramatic rise to a top 'C' that goes on for bar after bar. - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph

  • If, during your test-piece some blotching occurs, this may mean that you have to apply a wood conditioner first.

    Donovan's BLOG - your home source for teak

  • In 1989 he composed the test-piece "Dostaana" for Saaj Sammelan. - Articles related to Emraan Hashmi discovers lady luck in young actresses

  • Repentance, an area test-piece which is exceptionally thick in this photo taken Saturday:

    Little Bang Theory

  • I was therefore somewhat surprised when we found it possible, by measuring force required to tear a test-piece with a preexisting cut, to calculate a characteristic tearing energy that could be used to predict the tearing force for test pieces for which the forces were orders of magnitude different.

    iMechanica - Comments

  • "With regard to the problem of tearing, my first idea was to examine the validity of a criterion of the Griffith type, according to which an existing tear in a test-piece held at constant extension will grow if the elastic energy thereby released exceeds the increase in the surface energy.

    iMechanica - Comments


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