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  • n. The usual concluding clause of an instrument or legal document, beginning “In witness whereof” and followed by the signatures and seals of the party or parties. Also testimonium clause.


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  • The BCA's libel case and the McTimoney letter mean that from now on ignorantia testimonium non excusat ignorance of the evidence is no excuse.

    The McTimoney Letter

  • In cujus rei testimonium presenti Carte nostre sigillum nostrum precipimus apponi.

    The Monastery

  • In testimonium autem nostre devotionis ergra locum predictum sic a nobis dilectum et electum concepte, presentem literam Religiosis predictis dimittimus, nostris successoribus in posterum ostendendam.

    The Abbot

  • In his Lives of the Philosophers (Diels-Kranz, testimonium A1) Diogenes Laertius reports that Xenophanes son of Dexius (or according to some, Orthomenes) was born in the small Ionian town of Colophon and flourished during the sixtieth Olympiad


  • This is, in fact, not a fragment but a testimonium and most of the language comes from the doxographical tradition rather than Alcmaeon.


  • Xenophanes 'remark is reported in only one testimonium (DK 21 A1) and is not found in any of the extant fragments of his book; if it is his, it need not be directed at anything other than general Greek anthropomorphism.


  • The same testimonium indicates that different sorts of proportion defined different sorts of motion.


  • Thus, each piece of text can be uniquely identified: DK 59B12. 3 identifies line 3 of Anaxagoras fragment 12; DK 22A1 identifies testimonium 1 on Heraclitus.

    Presocratic Philosophy

  • This authority, it must be insisted once more, is not of the external, overriding kind; always it makes itself felt through the testimonium spiritus sancti internum working through the quickened insight of the hearer.

    The Bible and preaching

  • Westmonasterius, hoc de ipso testimonium adferunt: hic libro 2. ille 8. suorum Chronicorum.

    The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English Nation


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