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  • adj. Relating to testosterone; characterized by aggressive masculinity.


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testosterone +‎ -ic


  • “Like the TV commercial in which a dressed-for-success Neanderthal glimpses his own image in a museum exhibit, men find themselves ensnared in a kind of testosteronic time warp, damned if they do and damned if they don’t, caught between the desire to conform to a kinder, gentler masculinity and a competing urge to swing from the trees and bring home a fresh kill for dinner.”

    Men Evolving Badly

  • How startling it was to witness Tamerlano, an emperor, mind you, portrayed by the tall, thin, testosteronic and bald Bejun Mehta, taking charge of his "office," nimbly leaping around in his dark, narrow suit, issuing CEO-like commands.

    Donna Perlmutter: Opera Review: Domingo Sings One More for the Road

  • Arab hip-hopper show all the rage testosteronic boys, but their fury is aimed less at women than at Israel.

    Aaron Freeman: Arab Hip-Hop

  • Of course, it was all testosteronic bullshit, but I listened to those voices with the same intensity I listened to MCC in our simulations.

    Riding Rockets

  • WB: And I don't want to sound less testosteronic than I would want you to think of me … (laughs) … but children do replace that type of behavior.

    Warren Beatty Shampoos the Sleazy 90's

  • Not only did he find therein a reassuring paucity of the turgid testosteronic prose which so often dominated conversation in the company lunchroom, it was usually cooler in the tunnels.


  • Although anyone can join Anonymous there was a public perception that the group was a little too testosteronic.

    Boing Boing

  • The lawyer pays a visit to his former mistress, a famous actress, currently the mistress of a testosteronic count, who is himself married to a fiery young woman.


  • (To call someone a testosteronic, retro-futurist knuckle-dragger is no longer an incomprehensible insult).

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