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  • n. Plural form of tether.
  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of tether.


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  • Circus officials, meanwhile, have contended that leg chains and bull hooks -- which they call "tethers" and "guides" -- are standard tools in the industry and far from inhumane when used properly by trained Ringling Bros. employees.

    ABC News: ABCNews

  • Will and wife, Joanna, are at the ends of their tethers as they watch Sydney's health decline.

    Book Review: "The Price" by Alexandra Sokoloff

  • Or space elevators, where tethers equipped with elevators would connect a satellite parked in a stationary orbit 22,300-miles above the ground, an idea science fiction fans will recall from Arthur C. Clarke's The Fountains of Paradise.

    Help wanted: replacement for rockets

  • I can relate to his desire for occasional solitude, it is an excellent time for introspection and with the increasing use of cell phones, twitter and various other electronic tethers, it's becoming more and more a rare commodity. dee

    Sanford says he was in Argentina, not on Appalachian Trail

  • Otherwise the creu tân, the creation fire, will sear away your tethers to reality and—

    Etched in Bone

  • Whatever it is that tethers them to the original recipe in the first place.

    The Kitchen Daughter

  • Also, other fancy concepts like slingshooting payloads from suborbital altitude via tethers, space elevators, or electromagnetic catapults are non-starters.

    Would You Bring Back NGLT-or SLI? - NASA Watch

  • Bouncing balls and tethers won't cut it for humans.

    "Moon = Stupid": Its The Same Tired Rhetoric From Bob Zubrin - NASA Watch

  • While I agree that tethers, space elevators, and electromagnetic catapults are not practical, high specific impulse air breathers are practical to Mach 3-5, and can lower launch costs a factor of 3-10 using known technological concepts. josh

    Would You Bring Back NGLT-or SLI? - NASA Watch

  • In the mid-18th century thousands of poor women, similarly at the end of their tethers, deposited their newborn babies at the hospital.

    Threads of feeling


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