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  • noun Plural form of tetradrachm.


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  • The usual gold pieces were staters (q.v.), and the silver coins tetradrachms and drachms.

    Easton's Bible Dictionary

  • For he ordained that every host should allow his guest four tetradrachms each day, and moreover entertain him, and as many friends as he should invite, with a supper; that a centurion should receive fifty drachmas a day, together with one suit of clothes to wear within doors, and another when he went abroad.

    The Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romans

  • One particularly notable item is an unique bronze die for the striking of Athenian tetradrachms with the characteristic owl of Athena; but found in Egypt, it must have been used for the production of imitation Athenian coins for local, Egyptian consumption.

    At the Museums: Athens' New Coin Museum

  • Red brick buildings as well as mud brick, coins: billon tetradrachms in 1st cent., almost copper in 2nd, small copper dumps in 3rd, leaden tokens from A.D. 180 to 260.

    How to Observe in Archaeology

  • Large copper coins, silver tetradrachms, base in later time, and concave on reverse.

    How to Observe in Archaeology

  • It is more probable that the thirty pieces of silver were tetradrachms than that they were denarii (80 cents).

    Smith's Bible Dictionary

  • "Now if you had questioned the genuineness of some of my favourite tetradrachms I might have had reason to be annoyed.

    Angel With No Hands

  • Rome became involved in the affairs of the East, there were always circulating in the city the tetradrachms of Antioch and Alexandria, the Rhodian drachmas, and the cistophori of the kings of Pergamus, afterwards coined in the province of Asia. [

    Social life at Rome in the Age of Cicero


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