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  • n. Four hydrogen atom substituents in a molecule


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tetra- +‎ hydro


  • According to the Journal of Food and Science, the molecules that make up the aroma of pineapple areacetoxyacetone, dimethyl malonate, trans-tetrahydro-α,α,trimethyl-5-vinyl fur-furyl alcohol, methyl cis-4?

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  • Sucrose sugars from the baked goods linked arms, singing, with dextrose sugars from the beer, to form a near-riotous rabble in his bloodstream, a chemical mob whose march on his cerebral ramparts was mollified but not diverted by the more gentle, introspective (though hardly staid) tetrahydro-cannabinols from the marijuana.

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  • The most decided febrifuge action, however was found by Prof. Filehne to reside in the hydrochlorate of oxyhydro-methyl-quinoline, introduced to public notice by Prof.O. Fischer under the name of "Kairin," and in the acid sulphate of tetrahydro-methylquinoline, introduced under the name of "Kairolin."

    Scientific American Supplement, No. 415, December 15, 1883

  • Drenches that contain tetrahydro-pyrimidines will also do the trick: either pyrantel pamoate at a rate of 6. 6mg per kilogram of horse; or you could opt for a pyrantel tartrate, which is used as a daily wormer at a dose rate of 2. 64mg per kilogram. Headlines

  • Wachter, H.; Werner, E.R.: Stimulation of human nitric oxide synthase by tetrahydro - biopterin and selective binding of the cofactor.

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  • Opium is thereby reamed with malignant anti-diarrhea tetrahydro supernatant as synonym and printable (kaopectate)., cyclobenzaprine, phenothiazines), metastatic steroids, and/or any that can arrive the pyridoxine threshold (e.


  • Activity tetrahydro - pyrazinoquinolines early developing forms Schistosoma mansoni



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