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  • noun A dilemma in which four different possibilities are considered.

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  • noun A figure in Ancient Greek and Eastern logic with four possibilities.


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From tetra- +‎ lemma.


  • On the other hand, much more use is made of the negative tetralemma, in which all four of the statements in (9) can or must be rejected.


  • Finally, in §5, the tetralemma of Buddhist logic is discussed within the context of gaps and gluts; it is argued that apparent violations of LNC in this tradition and others can in be attributed to either differing viewpoints of evaluation (as foreseen by Aristotle) or to intervening modal and epistemic operators.


  • Two sets may also constitute a trilemma (mu-gsum) or a tetralemma (mu-bzhi).

    Relationships between Two Objects in General

  • This is a warning that a monk cannot rely on Nāgārjuna's tetralemma as an acceptable response, namely the four possible ways of understanding thing-events insofar as logic is concerned: “there is,” “there is not,”

    Japanese Zen Buddhist Philosophy

  • If so, neither LEM nor LNC is directly at stake in the tetralemma: you can have your Aristotle and Buddha too.


  • The relationship between two sets is a tetralemma if there are four possibilities.

    Relationships between Two Objects in General

  • Majjhima-nikâya 72, relating the teachings of the historical Buddha, offers a precursor for Nâgârjuna's doctrine of the negative tetralemma.


  • For instances of the positive tetralemma, all four statement types can or must be accepted, e.g.:


  • Thus, the set of types of unawareness and the set of types of grasping for true existence constitute a tetralemma (mu-bzhi).

    The Twelve Links of Dependent Arising ��� Day One: Unawareness

  • Outside the Western canon, the brunt of the battle over LNC has been largely borne by the Buddhists, particularly in the exposition by Nâgârjuna of the catuskoti or tetralemma (c.



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