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  • n. Plural form of tetrameter.


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  • “I would be ignorant as the dawn,” is made of solid iambic tetrameters.

    The Dawn « Unknowing

  • I would never think trochaic tetrameters would be so fresh, but the main quality of the Kalevala is how simple it seems, how fresh and uncomplicated, how like the dawn of the world.

    The Music of Reading « Unknowing

  • Part of Southey's delight is just such suggestion and negation — underwritten by the displacement of epic or odic pentameter by jaunty tetrameters.

    Sounding Romantic: The Sound of Sound

  • There can be an infinite amount of discussion of how to “scan” this Frost couplet (and I am sure there are scholars who would disagree with me), but I imagine Frost means both lines to be bouncy (triple – i.e. amphibrachic, dactyllic, anapestic, what have you) tetrameters:

    Dipodic Verse : A.E. Stallings : Harriet the Blog : The Poetry Foundation

  • I've never had the misfortune to read so many flubbed iambic tetrameters and wacky slant rhymes.

    The Little Professor:

  • Just as iambics were adopted, instead of tetrameters, because they are the most prose-like of all metres, so tragedy has given up all those words, not used in ordinary talk, which decorated the early drama and are still used by the writers of hexameter poems.


  • Stasimon is a Choric ode without anapaests or trochaic tetrameters: the Commos is a joint lamentation of Chorus and actors.


  • Oberon uses this verse pattern as well, when he applies love-juice to the lovers 'eyes; and when he and Titania are reconciled, she answers his rhymed trochaic tetrameters in kind.


  • Spenser's _Shepherd's Calender_ and can be traced back through the halting tetrameters of Skelton.

    Early Reviews of English Poets

  • It was mostly written in trochaic septenarii. (_b_) _Epicharmus_ (in trochaic tetrameters), dealing with Pythagoreanism in the department of physics. (_c_) _Euhemerus_ or _Sacra Historia_, modelled on Euhemerus 'ἱερὰ ἀναγραφή, [16] the doctrines of which were applied to the religion of Rome.

    The Student's Companion to Latin Authors


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