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  • n. Plural form of tetrapod.


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  • The scientists studied the development of paddlefish fins to test whether the genes activated to make hands and feet in tetrapods were different from the genes activated to make fish fins.

    Ancestral Expression Patterns

  • "We found that the genetic capability seen in tetrapods to build limbs is present in even more primitive fish," said lead author Marcus Davis, PhD, a postdoctoral fellow in Neil Shubin's lab at the University of Chicago.

    Ancestral Expression Patterns

  • Although this pattern of genes clearly helps to make hands and feet today in tetrapods, that may not be their original intent, Shubin said.

    Ancestral Expression Patterns

  • I'm starting to notice a common theme to many of your posts: that the diversity of extant and recently-extinct tetrapods is considerably greater than what has so far been described.

    The small, recently extinct, island-dwelling crocodilians of the south Pacific

  • Some plethodontids curl up into a ball and roll downhill to escape predators (García-París & Deban 1995), a behaviour reported elsewhere in tetrapods among pangolins by the way (Tenaza 1975).

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  • For nearly 80 years, palaeontologists have been scouring the planet for fossil bones and skeletons of the earliest land vertebrates or "tetrapods" - the ultimate progenitors of all later amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals, including ourselves.

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  • Amphibians like this one -- in the large category of four-limbed creatures called tetrapods -- stand near the base of the evolutionary tree, between the fish that came before them and the birds and mammals that followed.


  • Earliest four-limbed animals left mud tracks animals, called tetrapods, crawled on land much earlier than scientists thought, judging by tracks left behind by some of the animals in a prehistoric - Articles related to Slumdog Millionaire child actors interact with school children

  • The newly found species, Tiktaalik roseae, has a skull, a neck, ribs and parts of the limbs that are similar to four-legged animals known as tetrapods, as well as fish-like features such as a primitive jaw, fins and scales. News

  • As for the second part of your question, the AID non-catalytic domain is actually quite conserved between fish and tetrapods which is good for us, because it may make it easier to identify which of the few differences are crucial.

    3 recent reports use evolution to study mechanisms of antibody diversification - The Panda's Thumb


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