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  • adj. Characteristic of a textbook


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textbook +‎ -ish


  • It's kind of textbookish, but the poems themselves are so good, they rise above any context.

    Interesting quotes

  • This has a textbookish appeal that ignores the fact that new investment -- a CT scan for an X-ray machine -- is often totally unlike the old.

    Is There A Savings Gap?

  • I spoke in a stilted textbookish way, sounding every bit the awkward mat salleh.

    Makcik Kantin

  • I'd raise a bit of contention over the book being labelled a "handbook", as my perception of that format is a little more structured and textbookish.

    Weblog Handbook review - Anil Dash

  • If you wanted me to sound sort of a textbookish, my answer is it's not an appropriate question except under extraordinary circumstances.

    See How They Run: Electing a President in an Age of Mediaocracy

  • Even the most textbookish exercise in Markets and Minorities is twisted to fit Jencks's dogma that I deny that discrimination has any effect whatever on minority incomes.

    Ethnic America: An Exchange

  • But I don't think 'textbookish existential dread' is very fair; and it strikes a particularly bum note, I think, coming from a man who himself went on to commit suicide.

    The Valve

  • Those already ensconced in the chess world, he told me, wouldn't need such diagrams, and others might be dissuaded from buying the memoir if it looked too textbookish.


  • A timeline is rather textbookish but I have no objections to a good one.

    Citizendium, the Citizens' Compendium - Recent changes [en]

  • The major crisis of the book's first half, described in a flashback, where we are supposed to empathize not only with the textbookish existential dread that hits Turnbull at 30 as he's in his basement building a dollhouse for his daughter - "I would die, but also the little girl I was making this for would die.

    The Valve


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