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  • n. Any of a number of different measures of abbreviation used to shorten the length of text messages, such as eliding vowels, forgoing the use of punctuation, representing “you” and “your” as “u” and “ur”, using “da” (or, rarely “t’”) in place of “the”, and so on. “Textspeak” is often abbreviated to “txtspk” for that very motive, or for humorous, self-referential effect.


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From text +‎ speak.


  • I bet the local garages ran out of flowers for the instant shrine which displayed all the tributes written in textspeak!

    Another Form Of Relief « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG

  • An essay written in textspeak (or txtspk) would probably give some of the stuff I’ve read a run for their money.


  • Chris Brubaker, a junior at Iowa State University, predicts that "textspeak" will soon become accepted in the workplace.

    Thx for the IView!

  • An acquired taste; and some, like DJ Calvin Harris, tire of his "textspeak".

    The Independent - Frontpage RSS Feed

  • "textspeak" and acronyms so common, it's often hard to understand what kids are saying online.

    The Taunton Gazette Taunton, MA News RSS

  • Talbot was just as bad as the damn thralls, spelling everything out like textspeak was below him.


  • Maybe the world is doomed to devolve into a den of textspeak and l33t and People Who Simply Can't Be Bothered, but it has not happened yet.

    "My killer, my lover."

  • By ironically appropriating or inventing new forms, the author shows an awareness of textspeak culture, while indicating his or her sense of superiority towards it.

    Claire Gordon: Txtspk 4eva

  • Every text I've received from my mother since then has gleefully made use of this, and only this, textspeak shorthand, like a non-native speaker who has just learned a foreign grammatical rule.

    Claire Gordon: Txtspk 4eva

  • Over fifteen years, textspeak has evolved its own logic, subtleties, idioms, even history.

    Claire Gordon: Txtspk 4eva


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