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  • n. The attributes that distinguish a text as an object of study.


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textual +‎ -ity


  • This experience of immersive textuality is the truly radical face of MOOspace as a scholarly or pedagogical use of new media because it collapses the traditional criticism's posture of maintaining an objective distance from the experience of characters within the text.

    'If the acts have been perform'd let the Bard himself witness': William Blake's Milton and MOO space

  • "textuality," broadly conceived; a disintegration of hierarchies of all kinds; and an abandonment of the concept of truth in favor of rhetoric, argumentation and narrative as guarantors for meaning and legitimacy.

    GreenCine Daily

  • Sam Choi and Jack Lynch, who had advanced programming skills and a like fascination with the potentiality of electronic textuality.


  • And last but not least: When expressing your textuality, play it safe and use protection!

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Debating Textualism

  • I had so much fun writing a review of Who Fears Death because it is, among other things, very much a book about textuality and storytelling -- about how the stories we tell, the words we use, the structures and vantage points we select, affect our perception of the world.

    In Which I Exhort You to Read Who Fears Death

  • Agamben would seem, so we'll find, to have given over his emphasis on voice, whose role — and with it, for us, that of subvocally engaged textuality — seems no longer directly engaged by a philosophy of the potential.

    Phonemanography: Romantic to Victorian

  • Mystery religions are not particulaly rich in textuality.

    Review of Doubting Jesus' Resurrection

  • Garrett Stewart's seminar will take us further, into an auditorium of potential auralities, sometimes with thematic import, that press into the auditions of reading and the arrays of textuality. close window

    Notes on 'Sounding Romantic: The Sound of Sound'

  • Moreover, the poem's complicated textuality shows what is behind the desire for such an

    Byron and Romantic Occidentalism

  • I've been reading Robert Scholes 'Rise and Fall of English: Reconstructing English as a Discipline, in which one argument is that both lit (as consumption) and comp (as production) should be considered necessary (and overlapping) branches of an overarching discipline of textuality.

    The Why I Teach Literature Meme


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