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  • n. A painted or embroidered linen banner, usually depicting Buddhist themes. It is unique to Tibet.


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Tibetan ཐང་ཀ་, thangka.


  • Lately, they've turned to detailed Tibetan paintings, called thangka, from the 10th to the 14th centuries.

    Following the Smart Art Money

  • A painting on fabric, known as a thangka , depicts delicately rendered Naxi gods: Dongba Shila, the religion's founder; the four-headed Kozhe, who shoots down the demons of suicide; sly-eyed Natosa, god of wealth; the great god Soyiwade on his lotus throne, surrounded by rainbows and mystic jewels.

    Mystical Art From a 'Lost' World

  • Items on exhibit include ­centuries-old Buddhist sculptures, traditional Tibetan silk paintings known as thangka and other religious items.

    Taipei Times

  • The word 'thangka' means 'rolled art' and so these paintings of Buddhist deities and other images are rolled and unrolled for hundreds of years.

    UUpdates - All updates

  • I take them into a room filled with ritual objects and thangka paintings, painted scrolls traditionally used for meditation and healing.

    The Memory Palace

  • The missing woman is standing in front of a thangka of Green Tara, one of the divine bodhisattvas, a female Buddha in the making.

    The Memory Palace

  • ME: And traditionally speaking, what would be involved in becoming a thangka painter?

    Max Eternity: Buddha 2010: Contemporary Tibetan Art in New York

  • In doing so I focused on artists who primarily have very strong thangka painting skills.

    Max Eternity: Buddha 2010: Contemporary Tibetan Art in New York

  • Hughes Dubois Photographie/Collection of Tom Pritzker Tom Pritzker, chairman of Hyatt Hotels Corp., and his wife Margot have built one of the world's best private collections of ancient art from Tibet, including this 13th century Tibetan "thangka" painting of Marpa, an 11th century teacher credited with spreading Buddhism from India to Tibet.

    Inside Some of the World's Top Art Collections

  • In 1974, His Holiness requested Venerable Sangye Yeshe, a monk trained in the Menris tradition of thangka, to begin teaching this traditional art to a new generation in exile.

    Heidiminx: Preserving Tibetan Culture and Arts in New York


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