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  • interj. Alternative form of thank you.


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  • "God's crusaders", some enthusiast called us - but then again, I've read that we were "swaggering, swearing bullies and infidels" (well, thank'ee, sir).


  • How could I tell Hutton to go to hell with his foul instructions - and have him bearing back to Whitehall (and Windsor and Horse Guards and Pall Mall) the shameful news that the Hector of Afghanistan, hero of Balaclava and Cawnpore, had said thank'ee but he'd rather not save Franz-Josef and the peace of Europe, if you don't mind.


  • "As to the other matter that we ain't to talk about ... well, I'll just say a ridiculous English thank'ee -"


  • "No thank'ee!" cries I. "No offence, my son, but I ain't one for your sort, if you don't mind ..."

    The Sky Writer

  • As one of the former bright particular stars of the cavalry, who had covered himself with glory from Kabul to the Khyber, and been about the only man to charge in the right direction at Chillianwallah (a mistake, mind you), I wouldn't be able to say, "No, thank'ee, I think I'll sit out this time."

    The Sky Writer

  • His voice rose in shrill anger, while I thought, well, thank'ee Spring.

    Flashman and the angel of the lord

  • "Not … too bad … thank'ee," says I. "Loss o 'blood. and my leg … but I'll be … at my post … presently … never fear."

    Flashman and the angel of the lord

  • Well, thank'ee, Sir Henry, and I hope your rabbit dies and you can't sell the hutch. 40

    Flashman and the Mountain of Light

  • "Well, I will, thank'ee," says he, and when the beer had come and we'd drunk to dear old Rugby (sincerely, no doubt, on his part) he puts down his mug and says:

    Flashman's Lady

  • But My Darling said "No, thank'ee, I'll come, if you don't mind," in that straightforward way of his, rubbing his poor head, and looking so pale but determined.

    Flashman's Lady


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