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  • adv. In a thankless manner, ungratefully.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • In a thankless manner; without thanks; ungratefully; in a grudging spirit.


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  • Folks like Charlie Braxton in Jackson, Mississippi -- a handicapped Black man who works day to day, thanklessly and often anonymously, with and for the people.

    Kevin Powell: Black Leadership Is Dead

  • A repo man tracks them down but is killed by Remy, leaving Remy's former partner and childhood friend Jake (thanklessly played by Forest Whitaker), to track him and Beth down before he can find a way to remove their payments from the Union's databases.

    MOVIE REVIEW: Repo Men (2010)

  • I guess my seven semesters of heartlessly (and for the most part thanklessly) grading seemingly-endless piles of student papers has finally paid off!

    2009 September « paper fruit

  • For years and years and years your heart continually and thanklessly pumps bloods through your body, day in and day out, and slowly erodes the lining of your heart until one day the dam breaks.

    Myra's Mother

  • Women toiled thanklessly at home and in the workplace and were still considered largely unequal in virtually every legal and social context.

    Brock Cohen: Taking Our Country Back From the Cult of Curmudgeon

  • Just keep patting them on the head, telling them, "you're doing a super job, buddy," and then sending them off to do a task you know they can't do but will thanklessly die trying to do.

    Josh Mull: Election 2010: Media Marching Orders on Afghanistan

  • I wonder if this is the world ending, and if now at last there will be a great trumpet peal from the angels and God will call me to His own, who has served Him so long and so hard, and so thanklessly, in this vale of tears.

    The Red Queen

  • The joints in my fingers joined the cast of painful joints acting out in my body, needing attention and recognition for the important role they had thanklessly performed prior to this moment, and just unbuttoning my jeans was difficult.

    Unbearable Lightness

  • Everyone I know suffered thanklessly, tirelessly and endlessly working for Sven.

    The Nervous Breakdown

  • Alec Baldwin brings perceptible intelligence and sexuality, even with a paunch, to a thanklessly satirical role, which in spite of the one-dimensionality with which it is written he manages to infuse with caring from his still luminous blue eyes, that manage to shine even as he looks down at the contemptuous six-year child his new wife had behind his back.

    Gwen Davis: 'Complicated' Doesn't Equate With 'Funny'


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