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  • Contraction of that are.


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that +‎ -'re


  • Putting eats you want in places that're hard to reach even with the Super Leaf, Roving Mammoth.

    The First Ever Snow-Tracked Food Truck

  • From the infamous Mike behind the short-lived flash party Mike's Apartment and a nightlife vet buddy he met through a mutual pot dealer, the BB team weathered a landlord-thwarted attempt to open a strip club & bar before discovering their true calling: filling a void in the NY food scene using the regional specialty roast beef sandwiches that're wicked popular in the greater Boston area.

    Thrillist: Bowery Beef: The Bowery Gets a Hot Beef Injection

  • Bernard sang all over it, and played psychedelic interludes that're so pretty, they hurt.

    Holly Cara Price: Kristin Hersh on Her New Book, Rat Girl

  • But they're the kinds of things that're out of my control to force to happen any sooner, or there's just no profit in it (in terms of outcome, in terms of the bad feeling it will create if I try to, etc.).

    Breakfast in Bed

  • I think I'm suddenly getting hay fever on top of the other things that're going on, health-wise, which has been making for fun trying to figure out what symptoms correspond to what problems/concerns.

    Breakfast in Bed

  • Mostly with her Terran politics and a few other details that're not quite consistent (to my mind).

    Breakfast in Bed

  • It's not that I'm not doing things or that nothing is going on, it's just that the things that're going on are not as spectacular as some other recent things.

    Breakfast in Bed

  • And I'd - I've made a number of sculptures that're, you know, really very simple little things that don't have a lot going on mentally.

    Studying Computers To Learn About Ourselves

  • It really is nerve-wracking to think about things that're currently going on that, were I honest, really scare me shitless and I don't think I'm even grappling with the issues the way I should.

    Have you gone into a scary place lately?

  • Side Note: The MSRPs for the books seem overly high for the ones that're out in paperback.

    Macmillan Gives Fantasy Ebook Readers the Finger


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