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  • At this point, the EU agreed to stick with JUSCANZ, and Malloch Brown said that Annan would support the six-month cap.

    Surrender is not an Option

  • The publication of these results will not assuage investors' fears over the resilience of the EU banking sector, said Marie Diron, senior economic adviser for Ernst & Young.

    8 banks flunk European stress test; 16 more barely pass

  • Early press reports said the part of the new rescue mechanism consists of a €60-billion increase to an existing €50-billion balance-of-payments facility that the EU used two years ago to help Hungary, Romania and Latvia, three non-euro-zone countries.

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  • "We will do whatever is necessary," Spanish finance minister Elena Salgado, chairing the EU crisis talks, had insisted beforehand, with Anders Borg of non-euro Sweden saying that "we cannot afford disappointment with the markets." : Breaking News

  • In fact, the head of DPKO was French, and very much part of the EU network at the UN.

    Surrender is not an Option

  • Former Italian foreign minister Gianni de Michelis once proposed that Britain and France resign their permanent seats, to be replaced by the EU and Japan, thus keeping the number of permanent members to five.

    Surrender is not an Option

  • Russia is far more at risk from a nuclear-capable, ballistic-missile-equipped Iran than the United States or even the EU at this point.

    Surrender is not an Option

  • Despite supporting us on the expenditure cap in December, the EU had lost any stomach for more trouble after the loss in the Fifth Committee.

    Surrender is not an Option

  • I thereupon confronted Jones Parry with his remarks to the EU meeting, which I said were untrue and unhelpful, and he turned whiter than normal.

    Surrender is not an Option

  • It finally sank in on the EU that their dream of having the rest of the UN membership somnambulantly proceed toward adopting the Outcome Document was just not going to happen.

    Surrender is not an Option


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