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  • In his book The Unheavenly City, the economist Edward Banfield argued that the lower class is present-oriented to a pathological extent:

    The Time Paradox

  • William Playfair mentions that Smith's friends, suspecting him of doing this, had sometimes in his lifetime formed special juries for the purpose of discovering evidences of it, but that the economist was “so ingenious in concealing his charity” that they never could discover it from witnesses, though they often found the strongest circumstantial evidence of it. [

    Life of Adam Smith

  • The young Duc de la Rochefoucauld, who, like his mother, was a devoted friend of Turgot, became presently a declared disciple of Quesnay, and sat regularly with the rest of the economist sect at the economic dinners of Mirabeau, the “Friend of Man.”

    Life of Adam Smith

  • These houses are now demolished with the rest of the old College of Glasgow, so that we cannot mark the gradation of comfort that may have determined these successive changes; and besides they may have been determined by no positive preference of the economist himself, but by the desires of his mother and his aunt,

    Life of Adam Smith


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